JWylie Designs

The Process

The Design Brief

First, you will receive a series of questionnaires for you to complete to give me more information about your business, current identity, primary and secondary audiences, current competitors, the problem to be solved, and how you wish your business is to be perceived.

This information will be used to create a design brief which is a written plan delineating our strategy, objectives, expectations, timeline and budget. Also, from the information provided during this initial discovery phase, a mood board will be created consisting of images, text, colour palettes and samples of objects to visually illustrate the “feel” or style we wish to achieve.

Design Concepts

The creative brief and the mood board will infuse the design concept; the primary design solution behind the project and is expressed through the selection, creation and arrangement of visual and typographic elements.

You will be given three strong creative concepts to address the parameters established in the design brief. If required, I will contact printers to discuss the project, various options, timelines, budget considerations, and to obtain quotes.

At this time, a standard 50% deposit is required, the remainder due at the end of the project.

Revisions and Refinement

Initially we will work to refine the three creative concepts. After one round of revisions we will focus on one or two of the concepts and continue to refine the designs. After two more rounds of revision, a single, strong design solution will be achieved that meets the parameters established in the design brief.


When you have signed off on the final design, the finished artwork will be sent to you in several formats for a variety of uses (JPEG, PNG, AI, PDF, IND). If required, I will prepare the files and preflight to send to the printer, obtain digital and hardcopy proofs, and attend the press check prior to the printing of your project. I will continue to work with you to ensure everything is in order and the project is completed on time.

At this time, the remaining 50% deposit is required.