JWylie Designs

Pricing Packages

Basic Identity Design Package

  • Questionnaires/Design Brief/Mood board
  • Primary Logo Design
  • Typography
  • Primary Colour Palette
  • File Usage Guide

  • $2,000

  • Standard Identity Design Package

  • Questionnaires/Design Brief/Mood board
  • Primary and Alternate Logo Designs
  • Typography
  • Primary and Secondary Colour Palette
  • File Usage Guide
  • Stationary Kit
  • Graphic Standards Manual

  • $3,500

  • Comprehensive Identity Design Package

  • Questionnaires/Design Brief/Mood board
  • Primary and Alternate Logo Designs
  • Typography
  • Primary and Secondary Colour Palette
  • Customized Surface Designs
  • Illustrations
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Website
  • Stationary Kit
  • File Usage Guide
  • Graphic Standards Manual

  • $5,000

  • The Details

    Questionnaires/Design Brief/Moodboard

    You will receive a series of questionnaires for you to complete regarding your business, current identity, primary and secondary audiences, current competitors, the problem to be solved, and how you wish your business is to be perceived. This information will be used to create a design brief which is a written plan delineating our strategy, objectives, expectations, timeline and budget. Also, a mood board will be created consisting of images, text, colour palettes and samples of objects to visually illustrate the “feel” or style we wish to achieve.

    Primary and Alternate Logo Designs

    You will be given three strong creative logo concepts to address the parameters established in the design brief. We will work to refine the three creative concepts. After one round of revisions we will focus on one or two of the concepts and continue to refine the designs. After two more rounds of revision, a single, strong design solution will be achieved that meets the established parameters.


    Typographic recommendations and solutions will be provided if required for the project. Note, the price of each identity design package does not include the purchase of commercial fonts.

    Primary and Secondary Colour Palette

    A document summarizing the Pantone, CMYK, RGB, and Hexidecimal colours used in your final identity design will be provided. These codes are required by printers and web developers to ensure the colours of your logo are consistent across a variety of media.

    Proprietary Surface Designs

    Using the final logo design with or without other design elements, surface designs can be created to be used on business cards, stationary, company mugs, T-shirts, shopping bags, posters, and other logo implementation opportunities.


    Illustrations using traditional art techniques as well as digital methods can be created to be incorporated into your logo design. These illustrations can also be used in other logo implementation opportunities such as proprietary surface designs, clothing, signage, digital/social networks, vehicles, business cards, stationary, posters, and packaging.

    Social Media Graphics

    Using the final logo design, headers can be designed for your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest social media sites.


    Using Wix or Squarespace templates, a website can be developed to reflect and showcase your brand. The cost of domain name registration and website hosting is not included in the identity design packages.

    Stationary Kit

    The kit includes designs for business cards, letterhead (PDF, Microsoft Word) and envelopes incorporating your logo.

    File Usage Guide

    The guide explains the different file formats of your logo and when to use each type of file. Common file types are AI, PDF, JPEG, PNG, and IND.

    Graphic Standards Manual

    The manual summarizes the guidelines for the use of the logo, primary and secondary colour palettes, typography, proprietary surface designs, illustrations, social media graphics, and other specifications to complete your brand identity.

    Up to three rounds of revisions to the logo design are included in each package. Additional revisions will be billed at a rate of $50/hour.

    Additional Projects

    Brochures, posters, signage, packaging, leave-behinds, illustrations (not part of identity design), and other print material. Contact me for pricing on these projects.