JWylie Designs

Graphic Design

Leef Nu

Leef Nu is both the name of a Catalina 42 sailboat as well as a business providing chartered cruises. The owners required a logo and wordmark that would indicate a sense of the nautical, and their country of origin. The logo and wordmark needed to be usable in a variety of applications; applied to the side and stern of the boat, on business cards, letterhead, brochures, and postcards, as well as on their website. Original pen and ink botanical drawings were used to create the logo. Shown below is the logo and wordmark alone, logo development, and the final identity on various collateral material.

Resound Yoga

Resound Yoga is a Seattle-based yoga studio owned by Hope Clunie. Hope required a logo that conveyed the essence of her business; strength, journey, renewal/rebirth, nest and energy. She wanted a logo that was simple, not too realistic, looked hand drawn, and where imperfections were seen. The logo needed to be usable in a variety of applications.

A Baby's Birthday

To celebrate a baby's first birthday, a printed invitation, commissioned by the parents, was designed using images of the child's toys and blocks. Using Photoshop, the background was removed from the images, the edges of the images cleaned up, and the colours, contrast and image brightness balanced. Using Illustrator, a printed invitation card was designed as well as an email version. The images of the toys and blocks were also used to develop a tossed surface design pattern as well as a labeled tin container.

R. Mangiardi, PR

Ms. R. Mangiardi is the owner and principle consultant of her own public relations business. She required a logo, business card, letterhead, and postcard for her new business. Ms. Mangiardi wanted an identity system that would be professional, friendly, creative, and versitile.


For this proposal, SafeHome provides products, services, and conveniences to enable senior citizens to remain independent in their homes. SafeHome required a logo, business card, letterhead, and a pamphlet. The logo and collateral material needed to convey friendliness, calmness, comfort, healing, and safety.


For this proposal, the garden retail business Botanica required an identity system that would be refined, classical, and flexible. Botanica required a logo, business stationery, as well as packaging for its own line of products. Original pen and ink botanical drawings were used to create a sophisticated logo, blank cards, and patterns for floral wrapping paper. A series of original watercolour paintings were incorporated into the design for the required packaging.

The Animals of California

The Threatened and Endangered Animals of California CD package was created to engage and educate children on animal welfare. The package contains a board game, poster with animal stickers, a 12 page colouring book, and a CD with animal facts. The concept was extended by creating a coat of arms which was used for posters, tote bags, pillows, and T-shirts.

The Tea Shop

For this proposal, a poster, packaging, and label was created for the retail outlet The Tea Shop. A series of patterns were created to reflect the variety of tea flavours. These patterns were used in the poster, shopping bag, tea packaging, and tea labels to create a cohesive group of visual elements.


A variety of posters were developed using my own photographs, pastel drawings, and watercolour paintings as sources of images.