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I am a freelance graphic and surface designer with a passion for art, identity design, and surface patterns. Originally from Canada, I moved to California in 2006 to continue my career in biomedical research. However, having studied visual arts for years, I decided to pursue my interest in graphic design and surface patterns.

In 2014, having completed my design education at The University of California, Berkeley, I founded JWylie Designs as a way to engage with the design community and offer my skills and creativity to other businesses.

I create surface patterns for fabric, paper, wallcoverings, and the home fashion market using a mixture of hand drawings/paintings and computer illustrations. As a graphic designer, I work primarily with small businesses in creating their visual identity; their logo, colour palette, stationary, brochures, posters and packaging. I also create illustrations using traditional art techniques as well as digital methods which can be incorporated into surface designs or business' visual identity.

To view my complete resume, click on the Resume tab on the left. Keep in touch by following my blog and contacting me through the link above.

I'm excited to work with clients to create designs that are refined, handcrafted, balanced, traditional, and elegant.


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